While I do not profess to appeal to everyone, I think of the man who considers first and foremost the caliber of his companion. For him, my fees are a nonissue. Naturally, consideration applies exclusively to our time together.


1H | INDULGENCE                             6H | SEDUCTION

A basic introduction.......500                Drinks, dinner, the show....2000   


1.5H | FLIRT                                    12H | LUSCIOUS NIGHT

Unhurried splendor.......700                 Your fantasy escape....3000   


2H |TEMPTATION                            15H | HYPNOTIZE

A lascivious introduction......900         Insomnia & breakfast in bed.....3500    


3H | COQUETTE                              24H | ADVENTURE AWAITS

Cocktails and more....1200                Presidential experience......5000    


4H | DECADENCE                             ADDITIONAL DAYS

Classic date night.........1500               Unending fantasy.....2500    


Couples & Doubles

  • Please email me to request more info.


      Claire                                                       Audrey


  • Cancellations  Life can get hectic. Regardless, please be polite & inform me in a timely manner. If you should cancel once a date is confirmed...

    • With 24H+: No penalty
    • Within 24H or less: $250 cancellation fee. 

    No Shows/Late Cancels are immediately placed on my block-list until the cancellation fee is paid in full. Your next appointment, if considered, will require 100% pre-payment.