Your prices are too high. Are you willing to accept less?

I am 100% sold on myself. My regular clients repeatedly acknowledge the value that I bring to their lives. 

You select Jennie Kennedy because it’s important to you to have a remarkably beautiful, intelligent, playful, and safe woman. If you were unable to get these qualities to get to the lowest price, how would you feel? 
I invest in a personal trainer, nutrition, and many beauty treatments. I also regularly invest in my education, because giving you mental stimulation is just as important to me as physical beauty.  
When you’ve found the best, you can forget about the rest.
What services do you offer?

I offer the full luxury (GFE) unforgettable encounters to social events, private evenings alone, bachelor parties, yacht parties, vacations, galas, double-dates, weekend/week dates, casino dates, spa dates, wedding dates, country clubs, cigar bars, holiday parties, and theater and Opera Dates.

If you have a specific itinerary, please contact me on the "Contact" page.

Are you discreet?
I value and respect your privacy as much as my own. I don’t store information and can neither confirm nor deny that I have been known to employ selective amnesia when necessary.
Can you send me a photo of your face?

 The answer will always be no. I do not want photos with my face floating around the internet or even in your personal device. I respect your privacy, so I expect the same.

What is the best way to get in contact with you?
I initially prefer email at jennie.kennedymn@gmail.com or my Contact Form to expedite the simple screening process. Please include your name and two references. If you are new to the hobby please let me know so we can select an alternative screening route.
Are you really bi?

VERY! I am no exception to the many who appreciate the soft, sensual beauty of a woman. Check out the gorgeous women I regularly do doubles with on my "Double the Fun" page! You may also suggest a friend of your own.

Are you fetish friendly?
I am open-minded and will not “yuck” your “yum”. I would love to discuss what tickles your fancy on an individual basis so I can prepare for our time together. You may be surprised at the amount of common ground we share.
Can I write a review?
 I love constructive criticism and positive feedback! Please email me letting me know you would like to share the details of our steamy encounter for confirmation!