Does she or doesn’t she? Only her clients know…

Paradoxically your ideal girlfriend and perfect aphrodisiac, your spirit is hypnotized with my breathy voice that transforms the banal to the sublime. An old, empathic soul with an affinity for worldliness, yield to the asymmetrical capriciousness of my personality that drives men from elation to despair and back again.

One of the reasons many quickly fall under my spell is my pure, concentrated femininity, embodied in the swivel of my hips and signature scent.  After we meet, you’ll discover an iconic mix of innocence and provocative charm. I am an enigma, both nurturing and depraved.

One of my favorite things in the world is hearing the stories and adventures of a new friend. A connoisseur of connection, I thrive on living vicariously through your unique perspectives while sharing my own escapades as well. I find myself attracted to modern day gentlemen who enjoy my femininity and compassion paired with their chivalry. I believe in using things and cherishing people, because, as they say, the opposite never works.

As a lady of leisure I enjoy hedonistic pursuits. I spend generous amounts of time at spas and keeping my frame impeccably toned. Never a dull moment, globetrotting thrills me, as it brings out new aspects of our personality and ways of seeing the world.   I’m attracted to those on whom I can shower with affection and gratitude, and who enjoy watering my petals as I bloom in return.

By now, you’ve likely discovered why many say I am an elusive, sensual spectacle. During our time together, I dress to provoke and awe; subtly, coy, alluring.  My purring voice is both teasing and provocation, a succession of unbridled lust and rational resistance. 
Your fulfillment is my pleasure and my desire, whether over candlelit dinner, adventurous excursions, or in the privacy of my boudoir. Hours fly as our chemistry unfolds with the spice typically reserved for new lovers and old friends.

Now, join my sacred circle of acquaintance…. 

Your Perfect Paramour & Passion
Personality: Connoisseur of Connection
Age: 26
Height: 5′ 3″
Measurements: 34C-28-38
Shoe Size: 7.5US/ 37.5EU
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Favorite Fabric: Silk & Lace
Favorite Wine: Veuve Clicquot
Favorite Cuisine: International Flavors
Favorite Perfume: Mon Guerlain
Favorite Flower: Venus et Fleur Infinity Roses